“If you know, you know.” I’m sure Pusha T was talking about starting meditation when he spit this on Daytona.


You just know when you need to start meditating.


Life is rising around you like the waves of the ocean and sometimes the waves are so high above your level of vision you just…



Need to find your space. Your own little space that no one else can touch. The space where you and God can have tea together and you repent for all the shit you did. Your heart knows when to start meditating, but your mind needs to know how.


Meditation for me is sitting somewhere and breathing and being still rather than moving. 


The entire point of meditation is stillness. Being still. This involves your body being still, which comes naturally when you focus on your breath. I was unaware of how stoic and intense I look when I consciously breathe in public until people started to tell me. This is a sign of stillness taking place within me.


The bigger objective to the body being still is getting your mind to be still.


Moments of stillness in the mind occur in the depths of nothingness that take place between each thought you have. These are the moments of clarity and bliss you have longed for your entire life. It isn’t easy to get the mind still, it takes a lot of focus, intention and coaxing.


Have you ever had a moment where everything just worked out, made sense, and you felt euphoric? You were probably still in your mind and experiencing a deeply conscious moment.


You were conscious of the flow of life and how beautiful you felt to be alive. Let’s call this a “Glory Moment”.


The important thing is this: if you can read this you are alive, therefore you can access your own “Glory Moment” anytime you want.


Accessing your Glory Moment is going to take focus, intention and coaxing.


Meditation starts with intention. When it is time to meditate, make damn sure that it is the only thing you will be doing for the duration of the time you decide on. When beginning, you must decide when your meditation officially begins, and how long it will be.


I took this seriously when I began because I was in a very confused and painful place. I couldn’t afford to fuck around when I decided that I would finally try meditation to get answers to my life’s questions. I took it seriously. I didn’t give up, walk away, or look at my phone. 





This is the line. Right here. If you read further than this then you are agreeing with me that you are going to be serious about your journey into meditation.





Here are my 5 steps to reach your Glory Moment in Meditation:






I start my meditation by setting an alarm on my phone to go off in 20 minutes. I then put my phone on airplane mode so I can’t get distracted by it. I take my first deep breath in.






Breathe all the way in, inhaling for 10 seconds.



Hold the air in for 10 seconds.



Exhale for 10 seconds.



Allow yourself to feel into the slight state change after that one big, deep breathe. See if you have any anticipation to dive deeper into that feeling by doing more deep breathes.



Repeat that this counted deep breath 6 times.

This means 6 consecutive deep breathes where you inhale for 10 seconds, hold it in for 10 seconds, exhale for 10 seconds, and pause between the next breathe for 10 seconds.


Your attention should be on the feeling of your breath pouring into your body and refreshing every single cell within you. Your attention should also be on the number you are on in your counting.


Putting your attention on both of these things at the same time is enough to coax your mind away from the bullshit it likes to think about without your permission.


This method of counted breathing is called box breathing. This is a key term for you to remember. Box breathing.


After doing the 6 box breathing breaths, continue to do focused breathing but allow your body to decide how it long it wants your breaths to be.






You want to synch up your awareness that you are alive with the rushing feeling of your living body sucking in air, distributing it around the cells, pulsing blood through your veins, tensing and relaxing your muscles, and vibrating the areas between your eyebrows and upper nose.


Continue to be aware of your breathing body for some time.






During this time, place your awareness on your feet. Simultaneously, I want you to breathe and feel your feet.



I know it seems impossible but you can do it. Feel your feet. Think about your feet while breathing. Can you feel them? Do you feel the vibration of life pulsing in your feet? It is there to be felt. It can become stronger as you hold your attention on them longer.


Feel your feet and breathe. Keep doing it.




Now, feel your knees.



Be aware that you are able to shift your awareness from your living feet to your living knees. Feel your knee caps. Ask yourself, is there pain here? If there isn’t, feel grateful to have painless feet and knees. If there is pain, accept it, and begin to love your feet and knees regardless.



Move your awareness up your body. Focus on your genitals and breathe. It should be a more intense feeling in your genitals than you are used to feeling. Admire how this is possible and how you are capable of focus and awareness you never thought possible.



Now bring your attention up to your lungs.



With your imagination, I want you to see your lungs filling with each breath and then pushing the air back out.



What a glorious feeling to be aware of your lungs breathing and keeping you alive. Wow! You are meditating.


Move your awareness to right above your nose. Between your eyes. There will be a pulsing node of life right there waiting for you to feel.



This spot is where I felt some of the most orgasmic, clear, and pleasurable moments during my meditations. This spot hums to you when you bring your sincere attention to it. Keep breathing and focusing on this spot.





All of these actions will bring you deep into the 20 minutes of meditation you are doing. It’s not that bad after all.


To close out I want you to say out loud “I love you” to every single person you can think of that has ever touched your life in any way.



I start with either my girlfriend, my brother, my mom, my dad, my grandma..



I sit there in my meditation and say:

I love you *girlfriend name*


I love you *brother name*


I love you mom


I love you dad


I love you grandma



Keep saying I love you by letting your mind choose random people in your life and continue saying I love you to each of them.


Then it is time to say your thank you’s.



Thank you God for this breathe.


Thank you God for this body.


Thank you God for you reading this.


Thank you God for my family.


Thank you God for the food I just ate.


Keep saying Thank You’s for whatever you are thankful for. Don’t think hard about it, just let it happen.


After all this, enjoy your final breaths before the alarm goes off.


I am so proud of you for doing this with me. Thank you for joining me. Please do this tomorrow, because I will be doing it with you then as well. And the next day after that. And so on.


This meditation I just wrote out is the culmination of my most effective ways to spend my 20 minutes of meditation time each day. It’s a bit of everything I have researched and tested and it will get you to your Glory Moment and beyond.


I pray you do this again and again until you find your own grace and strength in your meditation.



Here Are The 5 Steps To Copy & Paste Into Your Phone For Your Meditations:


  1. Sit Down, Set an Alarm For 20 Minutes and Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode
  2. Take 6 Deep Breathes In Box Breathing Style (10 seconds inhale, 10 seconds pause, 10 seconds exhale, 10 seconds pause)
  3. Put Your Awareness On The Living, Breathing, Pulsing Body You Have
  4. Put Your Awareness On Your Feet, Knees, Genitals, Lungs, and Right Above Your Eyes While Consciously Breathing
  5. Say “I Love You” Out Loud (not too loud) To Everyone That You Can Think of Involved In Your Life and Then Say “Thank You” Out Loud To Everything You Can Think Of That You Are Thankful For