We must dream in times when we feel like procrastinating.

This is a lesson I have relearned every time I set my mind on something. I decide what I want to do, and my monkey brain throws up an all out war to distract me. Whether it be wanting to create and I look at blogs, Youtube, Instagram, HotNewHipHop, etc. 

Or maybe it’s time to meditate and I’ll do the same thing but on my iPhone before putting it down.

Or it’s my desire to workout later in the day and my brain tells me I am hungry for shit food that would debilitate me.

Or it’s my desire to save my money and my brain starts look at things to purchase.

The ways I have fought the war on my mind stealing my future from me is dreaming. I’m talking about in the moment I find myself in numbing distraction, I think to myself, “What the fuck do I really want here? Do I want this? Or do I want..” And I pause to visualize what I want.

The most profound meditations I have had come from when I get myself very still and then ask myself to meet my future highest self 15 years from now. I envision a super healthy, beaming, powerful man walking towards me that I could recognize as myself. I would try to speak to this person to get insights. Most of the time I hear, “Keep going.”

How do we keep going when our own brain wants to end our conquest of our dreams?

We must dream harder! We must visualize the pursuit.

The best workouts I have are when I fantasize about having a great gym session later. When I fantasize about a great workout, I’ll begin to plan it in my head. When I plan my workout in my head, I have an insane natural drive when I begin working out because IT WAS WRITTEN. IT WAS ALREADY WRITTEN IN MY MIND.

I get owned by my own brain though. It isn’t always this easy. Stress, low sleep, low willpower enable my monkey mind to take control.

One day I ate a huge chocolate covered marshmallow, homemade rice crispy treat, pita chips and hummus before leaving my job. I had already eaten enough that day beforehand. My mind won and got me to stuff my face right before leaving. I typically leave work to go right to the gym and my mind bombed me to be a fat piece of sh*t.

I fixed it by arriving at the gym, setting my alarm on my phone for 30 minutes and hitting a meditation-nap. I allowed myself to breath and fall asleep if I wanted to. I balanced myself back out. I arose to the alarm with the ability to dream again. I saw the workout. I saw the path.

We must seek the path. We must dream the path. We must walk forward on the path.